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blueberry is my favorite kind of muffin.
baking blueberry muffins and having good conversation with Blia was a wonderful evening

..they were good muffins..we each had 3..



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feeling the love

here are pictures from my birthday.
Thank you for everyone who made me feel loved and celebrated.
IMG_2840 bday meIMG_2771 IMG_2772IMG_2773 Nicole and my room mate decorated my room. Nicole left me a letter that made me cry.

IMG_2768 IMG_2769

My supervisor at work made me the best cupcakes I had ever had. My co-worker cannot bake so she got me doughnuts! 🙂

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cousin love

My cousin Charissa turned 22 years old this year….our birthdays are 5 days apart!
This year for her birthday I drove down to spend the day at her house. Charissa does not like attention and especially on her birthday she does not love it being all about what she wanted to do for her birthday is have lots of friends (20+) over for dinner that night..those were the only plans for the day.
Little did she know that she had a surprise waiting.
Friends from Chico were at her house at 8 in the morning! They sang her a song and everything. It was perfect birthday surprise.


I tried to get her to wear this hat the whole day..she did not like it…she even hid it from me! I told her that when she wears it she has more fun–look she just looks like she is having more fun with a party hat on, try it for someones birthday!

IMG_2719 IMG_2720 IMG_2731 IMG_2735 IMG_2747

It was a good day celebrating cousin. Her cake was pumpkin with spiced cream cheese.
Happy Birthday Cousin!! You care for those around well and are loved my many.
Love you lots.