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Koonce is 22

This girl is like the sister I don’t have. We fight like we are sisters. We pick on each other, make fun of each other. pranks. Adventures. We laugh and cry.

Happy 22 Birthday Nicole.
Excited to see where you are in 5 years. You will be a great teacher and I look forward to hearing stories and of the adventures you find yourself doing in the future.
It’s crazy to see how fast you have grown up..
Nicole doesn’t really like cake so she got popsicles with a candle. I sang happy birthday to hear in my best singing voice and we danced to “22” by Taylor Swift
Happy birthday
love you lots

22 is a good age 🙂



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Rodger’s Cake




The Rodger’s chose vanilla cake with cream cheese filling and fresh strawberries.
It was fun doing there cake tasting at her parents house!
Scott and Shannon are so much fun!
Congrats! I am excited for you both.
and thank you for the gift of making your cake.
The wedding was beautiful.
Happy journey together!

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This is Kimber
nd her 3 kids…

grace shawn ben

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIMBER! You and your family ARE awesome! you are an inspiration to many around you. When we sang happy birthday to her Shawn the youngest sang or screamed as loud as he could. It made my day.
This family loves others around them well.
Kimber loves college students and that is one of my favorite things about her.