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Four Years

My friends celebrated their 4th wedding anniversary! 


The cake was Honey and Beer Spice Cake with brown sugar cream cheese. The recipe was from JoytheBaker. I like her recipes- I recommend checking them out!  The decoration is the “homemade” look not the professional look. 😉 


CONGRATS! Happy 4th Anniversary Ryan and Naomi! I still remember your beautiful wedding! Thank you for being an encouraging couple to everyone around you!  


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4 flavors


Chocolate Cake with Nutella buttercream frosting


Almond cake with buttercream and fresh strawberries


Red Velvet cake with cream cheese frosting

White cake with buttercream frosting



Shannon and Scott will be married August 30!!
These are the samples for the cake tasting tomorrow!

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HEY Girl, hey

This girl here. Her name is Erin. We are pen pals. We write letters back and fourth, we met at school in Chico. Erin spent her birthday weekend in Chico. Over dinner I asked Erin, what I like to ask most friends on there birthday. What is your favorite memory from the past year? “Being able to talk with my Mom about how Jesus has made new the lives in our community and is restoring life” to summarize what she said. Erin do you have any advice for us? “Everyday look for ways that you can be less selfish-ask yourself I am doing this for me or will others benefit too?” Ladies and Gentlemen Erin. that gets you thinking-right?

Well Happy 23rd Birthday Erin and may this year in life be treasured as time goes on and you will not be 23 again. Thank You for your thoughts, genuine care and pure joy. Love you

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