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Roomates 21st!

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Kasey turned 21! This is was a big day for us as roommates! 

Katie helped with the “chettah” spots. Kasey LOVES glitter. I tried to go big for her 21st. I ran out of time as usual. So it is not the best. We had fun celebrating together though. Kasey and (Micheal) are always down for a taste test of cake which I appreciate. AND  they love it-which I wonder about sometimes. When I had extra frosting-no worries about wasting it-Kasey would finish it off for me. Thanks Kasey 😉
And as this year as room mates comes to a close  I will never forget all the memories and difficult times.
I love you roomies. I had fun this year.
Thank You



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My name is Anna, I also go by Anna Rose. This my site for my baking/future business. I will upload pictures and ideas.

One thought on “Roomates 21st!

  1. My cake was so delicious! And, I will miss cake testing everything for you 😦 Always so delicious. I love you! Thanks for the great year!

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