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Eldon, 22 years at Collier Hardware

I have worked at Collier Hardware the last 2 years. Eldon knows everything about the store, working there for 22 years people know who your are. He wears big yellow suspenders. Customers come in and ask for the old guy with the suspenders. Today is his last day at work. Eldon often has a joke for you. But one day he didn’t have a joke.  He came up to me in all seriuosness and said, “Have you opened your gift today?” I replied “what gift?” being confused. He says “Today, another day to bring glory to our heavenly father.” I was taken back by it, it changed by whole day.

I loved watching when people interacted with Eldon. The respect and attention they give him when he is talking. He captures all the attention of the person he is talking to.


The cake I made for the retirement party at Tres Hombres last night.

Eldon's Cake I decorated the cake with the logo of Collier Hardware. IMG_0017 there’s Eldon!