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21st Birthday cake!

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The giant cupcake

My room mate Lauren Curran turned 21 last week.  I was sitting at work and the 2012 Wilton catalog was sitting next to me. I could not resist.  I saw these cakes and they used this giant cupcake pan…I could not wait I went to the store the next day and bought it…I planned this cake out paper and everything. It took lots of thought, I learned a lot planning for it. As you can see the frosting is dripping so not all went as planned but it was fun. I don’t like to sacrifice the taste for better looks…The bottom layer is chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting. The cupcake is red velvet with mascarpone cream cheese frosting. 2 kinds Lauren enjoys. This is the most recent project.

Other really exciting news. A lady I used to babysit for in town asked if I would like to bake cupcakes for a baby shower she is having for a lady at her work next week. I am thrilled. This is the 1st time that someone has asked me to bake for them, and she is going to pay me! I am preparing samples today for tasting tomorrow and if they like them I will make 2 dozen for March 5. I can’t believe it.

Kitchen Aid in November.
1st payed cupcake job February 24, 2012. (most likely)

not bad 🙂


Anna (Rose)



Author: notjustacupcake

My name is Anna, I also go by Anna Rose. This my site for my baking/future business. I will upload pictures and ideas.

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