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Cake, chocolate cake 

4 layers and 2 tiers.  I didn’t have a time to make it look right… Katie & Kelly didn’t mind….. so whenever I hangout them I laugh so hard I cry. They are hilarious. They used to be room mates and I met Katie through Kelly. It was fun to enjoy a cake to celebrate your existence. You each are wonderful and your life is important ūüôā happy birthday! 


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Emma & Matt

This post is in time for there 1year anniversary. Wow. Congrats on one year of marriage. I did double duty, Emma’s bridesmaid and cake baker. All worth it. The wedding was amazing and represented them well. Emma and Matt are dedicating there careers to seeing others flourish to learn and grow. 

Love you Sakai’s

And becuase I like this photo, what a beautiful bride Emma is. Stunning. And those flowers are from farmers market. 

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Lauren 25th 

Lauren doesn’t mess around with birthday celebrations.. we had a weekend in Tahoe. We had a dinner party and we celebrated big time. It’s a big year for her. Happy 25th birthday Lauren. Friend, room mate and nurse. Cheers to the year where you don’t hold back. Thanks for all the encouragement, adventures and laughter. Love you lots. 

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Derek & Chelsea-

Just spending a few minutes with them and you feel seen and you most likely laughed, at the very least smiled. They are- as some might say an unlikely couple. It’s been a gift to have witnessed there relationship grow and see them work out the messiness of being together. It’s inspiring and beautiful. I have seen them encourage each other and be patient with one another. 

For there cake tasting they had Oreo, chai with a honey buttercream and coffee. They were excited about tasting cake, we had fun. 

They will be getting married in Demember! 

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So this cake was made for Rachel Allene Heckmann. Her GOLDEN 25th birthday. Gluten free chocolate peanut butter cake. 

It was an amazing gold themed party, from the table decorations to the sprinkles on the cake. Rachel Allene you let your golden shine from being your own boss to being brave through what life brings. I love you lots. Keep running 

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My friend Kandia. She means so much to me. We have been able to talk and relate to what each other have been going through the last few years. She is funny and weird. She is full of bravery and is looking to have fun. Fun fact: we (tried) wrote a spoken word together. 

Kandia, happy birthday. Thank you for asking questions and listening. You have influenced me and I am grateful for you! 

Love you 


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For a long time 

Alyssa Rose. She is funny, witty, knowledgeable and can remind me what kind of ice cream I had 2months ago. She remembers everything. And one of my favorite things is how she likes games and Margaritas. One of the reasons I like her so much is because we share the same middle name! Rose. It’s a great middle name. 

And so as Alyssa Rose is another year older. She is a friend I want to keep. I just want to keep her around. cheers to many more birthdays. 

 Happy Birthday 

Anna Rose